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SonarQube setup on macOS (part 1)

Install SonarQube from

You can unzip sonarqube- or whatever version you have downloaded.

Once unzipped, move to macosx-universal-64 using command:
cd Downloads/sonarqube-

To Start SonarQube:
./ start

once sonarqube is started you can see message:
Starting SonarQube...
Started SonarQube.

You can check if sonarqube is running or not using :
./ status

SonarQube is running (1731).

Open a browser and check port 9000

In order to change the default 9000 port, you can move to conf folder where you can see a file, where default port 9000 can be changed.

To Stop SonarQube:
./ stop

Prerequisite for sonarqube:

If not installed previously, please install Java 11.

In case of issues like Error as “wrapper” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
Please check the solution provided here

Part 2:

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