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SonarQube setup on macOS (part 1)

Install SonarQube from

You can unzip sonarqube- or whatever version you have downloaded.

Once unzipped, move to macosx-universal-64 using command:
cd Downloads/sonarqube-

To Start SonarQube:
./ start

once sonarqube is started you can see message:
Starting SonarQube...
Started SonarQube.

You can check if sonarqube is running or not using :
./ status

SonarQube is running (1731).

Open a browser and check port 9000

In order to change the default 9000 port, you can move to conf folder where you can see a file, where default port 9000 can be changed.

To Stop SonarQube:
./ stop

Prerequisite for sonarqube:

If not installed previously, please install Java 11.

In case of issues like Error as โ€œwrapperโ€ cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
Please check the solution provided here

Part 2:

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