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What is FastAPI ? Why it's so demanding.

Hello guys, In this Article I'll tell you something about the python new web API framework - FastAPi Framework.

What is FastAPI ?


FastAPI is a new python web framework, FastAPI is modern and very fast, high-performance. FastAPI is used for building web applications and API's with Python and FastAPI was released in 2018 and FastAPI mainly used for making the data science applications as well as ecommerce. FastAPI enables the developers to use REST API interface and use many functions to implement them into applications, developers uses FastAPI to create login/Signup, authenticate and create accounts etc.

Why it's so demanding.

FastAPI has a great future guys, companies uses this because it's very fast and highly securable and it has many feature like security and authentication, Dependency Injection, Unlimited plugins and etc, many big giants tech companies already using this framework for their data science applications and web applications, there are many companies like Microsoft and Netflix, Uber etc. Even my company use this framework, It's only 3 years old framework and it's already in trend, maybe this framework create thousands of jobs in future.

FastAPI documentation

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