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Shema Mugisha
Shema Mugisha

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My weekly journal in taskforce 3.0

Week two in the taskforce was good, also different from the previous week, this week we had covered interesting topics both soft and technical.

We started the week with a challenge with my teammates of lifting a stick from up to down with only one finger, it was quite a bit challenging because sometimes we ended up lifting the stick, but in the end, it was all about organization and communication, we made it. the stick was on the floor.


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I learned how to be prepared and get well equipped before, during, and after the meeting. it was a good skill to have because it will help me to act more professionally in future meetings.


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In the technical session for this second week, we covered Different DevOps processes, how to make any project agility, and do different automation. it was a fun and interesting skill to know more about in the whole week

Code challenge.

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In this week the code challenges, we were given in this week was tough compared to the previous week's challenges, but I tried my best to complete the challenges.

Intercultural communication.

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On Friday we learned about German Stereotypes and also the difference between German Stereotypes and east Africa Stereotypes and also I was required to come up with a hand sign to ask the awesomity team if they know about the sign on the evening session and later on the evening I had a presentation of what I covered on DevOps.

Basically, that's how my whole week went.

See you.

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