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A wordpress plugin to save your development time

Just started developing a wordpress plugin to automate a lot of repetitive tasks. Like shortcode creation, registering custom content types and taxonomies, creating admin pages and sub pages and registering custom metaboxes. For further details, visit the repository here.

Just added the support for custom web components.

Server components or custom html components can be used as html tags anywhere in your wordpress site, realm library is being used to render these components, to create a component, create a blade template file in servercomponents folder inside the app folder. You should follow the naming conventions for the components (should be atleast two words separated by -). Each component should have at least one template file, then there is the config file for the component in json format, this file contains the list of component attributes and states (samples are provided in the app folder), and if you want to handle or listen to the events then you can define those inside a directory with the same name as the component and the suffix -flows. For further details, look at the realm framework documentation and the attached samples.

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