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Hi founders, can you share what is the reason customers pay for your tool?

There is one question that is most important, and most founders ignore it. However, if you want to succeed in your startup business, you need to focus on why your customers are paying for your product.

We have solved a big problem of SaaS products membership and eCommerce store issue of high churn rate.

What is the churn rate?
Churn rate is the percentage of subscribers who leave a company within a given time period. (week, month, year)

For example, if you have 5000 customers at any given time and 300 leave over a month, your churn rate for that month is 6%.

With our startup Churnfree, businesses can offer their customers that are dynamic offers and discounts as well as feedback, so they don't leave their service and also gets a review of what they like/dislike about their business.

You can also share yours!

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