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6 Top Questions to Ask Churned Customers

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People in business are obsessed with user feedback. Good feedback from happy customers can improve the quality, credibility, and usability of the products to generate more value for users and businesses.

Customers who offer honest feedback are significant for growth. Therefore, a less-than-exceptional customer churn survey is why you improve the products.

Many businesses take an in-depth approach to analyze their users’ behavior and to know what questions to ask churned customers. You can reevaluate your product marketing strategy with in-depth knowledge of your users’ psyche. The deeper you know about your users’ concerns, the easier it will be for you to get honest feedback from them.

Even if your website has a low churn rate, you can still dig deeper to know about the changing demands of your users. Having on the same page with your users will help you maintain a steady and the lowest churn rate.

How to have a deeper insight into customers’ preferences?

Many people use intelligent analytics and metrics to determine their users’ preferences. Metrics are intelligent enough to help you with the right information about your users, their true needs, and their real problems. On top of that, this information helped them find the right solutions and prepare the products that meet the users’ preferences well. This information can help you deeply analyze and devise customer retention survey questions.

It is easy to begin if you have a churn analysis survey ready. The knowledge helps you ask your users the right questions. The more you know how to ask the questions correctly, the better you will be able to make an inclusive product marketing strategy.

Many savvy tools help you determine the exact churn rate your websites receive. A few years back, the businesses couldn’t drive much value because the churn rate was calculated manually, and they were never sure whether it was accurate. Intelligent software tools have now made it possible to know the exact churn rate of your website.

Churn free tools help devise questions to ask churned customers.

Some churn survey examples and questions to ask churned customers
It looks like you have decided to end your subscription with us! Please fill in this quick survey to understand why you are leaving and make the necessary upgrades to our product. Thank you!”

You can enclose your customer churn survey with a few multiple-choice answers. The users can quickly select their answers without wasting much time. The key here is to choose three questions to help you understand why your users are leaving and what they expect from your product.

You can also determine whether they have chosen your competitor over you. But choosing another provider cannot be the sole reason they cancel the membership subscription.

Do you know how you can design your survey or customer retention survey questions?

Let’s begin with some churn survey examples and questions:

Churn survey examples are helpful to understand the problem and make things right

Six types of customer retention survey questions

We tried compiling up the most needed customer churn survey for existing and churned customers into 6 categories. Grouping these categories for churned customers is handy for many reasons.

It will help you check up on people who have canceled your subscription while helping you to take measures to prevent your existing customer base from leaving for the same reasons.

For instance, if most of your customers leave due to higher prices, you may realize that you are selling at the wrong price. You will get that you are giving your customers a good reason to switch your products with your competitors for more functionality and lower prices.

This grouping of churn analysis surveys will help you categorize each response. It helps you dig deeper into the reason and map out the problems.

The following table highlights the six categories you can classify your customer churn survey. You can add more questions to your needs and demands.

Questions to ask churned customers and churn survey examples
Once you have customer churn survey ready, you can now build a strategy to retain canceled customers.

For people in business, it is part of their daily routine to look up reasons to retain older customers. All you have to do is to build a strategy; therefore, you will need to do a little upfront work.

#1. Automate the feedback gathering process.

With the rapid change, every day is a new world. Every day we face new realities. Therefore, every day we have to come up with reasons to collect feedback to know why the customer left and how we can retain them?

This habit should be a part of your customer service script. Put it into automation flow to generate feedback and emails to reach your customers within the set time pattern.

Let’s look deeper into various methods to collect customer churn survey.

Churnfree tools help with maintaining churn survey analysis

1. Contextual Website surveys

The questions in the customer churn survey should address serious concerns so the relevant users can answer well. They are placed on the landing pages and mostly appear pop-ups for users to respond to several questions. They work as essential triggers for your users to submit honest feedback. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the customer churn survey question as short as possible, so it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes of their time.

2. In-Message surveys

Business companies send daily messages to their clients, including reminders, follow-ups, invoices, receipts, and updates. They use these messages concluded with CTA or links to feedback surveys.

3. Net promoter score

Its scale ranges from 0 to 10 and asks your customers to rate your products and services. It’s one of the recommended methods to automate the feedback collection process. You can use NPS with newsletters, churn survey emails, business messages, IVR calls, social media posts, and many more.

Churnfree tools help devise questions to ask churned customers

4. Customer churn survey widgets

It’s another great way to automate the feedback method. They can be customized to collect helpful information on the specifics of the products and services.

#2. Follow up on the protocols.

Feedback is valuable as it gives you a structure to follow up on and make the necessary adjustments to prevent customers from leaving for the same reason in the future. Your customer churn survey should circle the table and the questions asked above to bring more variations to your questions. The goal is to get feedback from your customers while also giving them a reason to stay.

Moreover, they can help you improve your products or hone your goals and targets.

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