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Add Slack notifications into Github Actions

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1️⃣Search🔍 the Slack-Notifications in the marketplace🛒
2️⃣Configure📋 the Webhook
3️⃣Configure📋 the Job

1️⃣Search🔍 the Slack-Notifications in the marketplace🛒

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  • Select Slack-Notify🔔
  • Read📖 the doc

2️⃣ Configure 📋 the Webhook

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For communication between Slack and Github we need a Slack webhook.

  • Login in Slack
  • Enter here to add the incoming webhook
  • You will be asked❓ to enter your team URL
  • Select the channel📱 to which you want to post
  • Save the URL generated as a Webhook

3️⃣Configure📋 the Job

  • Add ➕ a Slack Notification Job to the pipeline
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    #Wait for test job ending
    needs: test
    #If the test job is wrong, this job will still be executed 
    if:  always()
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: Slack Notification
      uses: rtCamp/action-slack-notify@v2
        #Settings->Secrets & Variables->Actions->New Secret
        #Paste here your secret webhook 
        SLACK_WEBHOOK: ${{ secrets.SLACK_WEBHOOK }}
        # The variable needs.test.result print the result of the test job 
        SLACK_COLOR: ${{ needs.test.result }}
        SLACK_CHANNEL: general
        SLACK_USERNAME: 'Node-Bot'
        SLACK_TITLE: Workflow ${{ needs.test.result }}
        SLACK_FOOTER: By Sharker3312

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🚨🚨🚨:It is likely that you only want to send notifications when an error occurs, in this case just substitute this line
if: ${{ always() && (needs.failing-job.result == 'failure' || needs.failing-job.result == 'timed_out') }}


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