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Email Services Compared

Aaron Campbell
・2 min read

let's check them out!

I am switching from Gmail to a more privacy-focused email for one month as part of my google fast. Here are the different email services I checked out.



  • Android, iOS apps
  • $3-$9/mo. plans
  • 30-day free trial
  • Calendar and Contacts included



  • Open-source
  • Completely Anonymous
  • Swiss Privacy
  • Made by CERN Scientists
  • Android, iOS apps
  • €5-30/mo. plans
  • Limited free plan

Zoho Mail




Sorry, I got distracted playing pacman on their website.


  •, Zapier, Integromat, & Workato integrations
  • Android, iOS apps
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Bookmarks included
  • Integrates with their Docs and CRM
  • Free plan?


  • Asks for a lot of information upfront



  • Free


  • So. Many. Ads.

Canary Mail


  • Can use existing email account including Gmail
  • iOS app


  • No Andoid app



  • Open Source
  • Completely Anonymous
  • €1.20-6/mo. plans
  • Free plan
  • Android, iOS apps
  • Android app available on FDroid so you don't have to use Google Play
  • Calendar and Contacts included

wot i fink

For me, Canary Mail is immediately out because I can't use it on my phone. Also I am going to rule GMX out because I literally never want to go on their site again.

My top three are probably Zoho Mail for its integrations, and ProtonMail & Tutanota for their privacy and anonymity. Let's go into those in more detail.

detailed comparison

ProtonMail Tutanota Zoho Mail
Price/mo. $5-30 €1.20-6 $1-4
Free Plan Limited Limited Yes?
Space 0.5-20GB 1-10GB 5-50GB
Custom Domains Paid plans Paid plans Yes
Anonymous Yes Yes No
Calendar No Yes Yes

Both ProtonMail and Tutanota only have filtering and inbox rules on the paid plans which is very disappointing. I can't tell if Zoho Mail's free plan is limited without signing up.


I think I will probably give Tutanota a shot for a month. Then if I don't like it I will try ProtonMail. Zoho Mail kind of rubbed me as more of a more business-focused wannabe Google. I wasn't very keen on jumping from one all-in-one solution into another.

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thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt • Edited

Hi! On ProtonMail, you can get more of 20Go of stockage. And they prepare in beta the ProtonCalendar !