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Bye, Bye, Captcha!

A quick history about Captcha.

CAPTCHA is an abbreviation for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Well, quite a long name. It was created to separate Bots from Humans. Initially, it was successful, but as humans fill in more and more Captchas, scammers use machine learning to catch up with the Captcha tests making captcha tests more difficult.

Captcha are everywhere on the internet.

  • Signup for any website. CAPTCHA!
  • Buying anything online. CAPTCHA!
  • Logging in on social media. CAPTCHA!

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Well, now say bye-bye to CAPTCHAs and welcome to 2captcha

2captcha is a service that bypasses captchas for you. They use humans to solve captchas. 2Captcha is a human-powered image and CAPTCHA recognition service. The main purpose of it is to solve CAPTCHAS in a quick and accurate manner by human employees so that customers get instant access to a website that they are trying to access.

Human-powered CAPTCHA-solving service

2Captcha team solves your CAPTCHA with high accuracy.
To start using the service:

  • Register
  • Implement API
  • Send your CAPTCHAs
  • Get your answer as a text.

It’s quick and easy! 2Captcha provides low prices and high accuracy for your CAPTCHAs.

2Captcha for everyone.

2Captcha service is not limited to customers. They provide APIs in most programming languages.
Developers can easily implement 2Chaptcha API in their applications.

There are a few steps for solving the captcha problem and they are as follows:

All Captchas are solved here

  • Normal Captcha
  • Text Captcha
  • Click Captcha
  • Rotate Captcha
  • reCaptcha V2
  • And a lot more
  • See all here

Let money decide

Now you do know 2captcha is cool, but what about money? How much do you have to pay for 2Captcha services?


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