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Globalism & Project Universe

This is a direct response to this Twitter post by @MatthewMaddesen83. Twitter has too limited of a character cap to respond appropriately.

I'm basing my stance on globalism's pros/cons from Mike Collins article on Forbes:

Project Universe consists of several stages:

  • Stage Zero was closed research and development from 24 December 2017 to 28 January 2019. Mostly consisted of designing a permanent method of funding aka the virtual shopping mall.
  • Stage One is the open development of the virtual mall, school & game, it started on 29 January 2019.
  • Stage Two is building a global network of self-sustaining self-replicating housing complexes featuring an on premises AI assisted hospital, hydroponic farms, automated restaurants, solar/wind farms, recycling center, etc.
  • Stage Three is all that, but in space and on other planets.

With artificial intelligence and robotics many jobs are being lost to automation, there simply isn't enough jobs to employ everyone. This might change as the colonization of space and other planets picks up.

Since mid-2016 I've been bedridden due to Crohn's disease, I have first-hand experience of how dangerous permanent unemployment is over years. Project Universe is a way to help humanity and by extension allowing me to live a life I'll be proud of.

With 3D printing technology advancing as it is we'll be printing utensils, furniture, replacement organs, clothes and more, in no time! No need to buy something made elsewhere if you can 3D print it.

Global trading will change as a result, instead of buying products, we'll purchase or grow raw materials. Some outsourcing will be required, but it'll be minimized as much as possible to avoid issues.

Essentially Project Universe is designed to improve our quality of life by simplifying it.

  • The free school makes it easy to become a functional member of society and the ability to gain the skills necessary to help wherever needed. With AI & VR it can teach almost anything without a teacher, even doctors, mechanics, welders, plumbers, etc.! At the very least it drastically shortens the time between learning, being an apprentice to gain real-world experience, then becoming a proper tradesman.
  • The mall generates funding for the whole thing, what's not used to hire contributors (fixed $2,000/month salary + benefits) is used to build the free housing complexes, providing free healthcare and so forth to the masses. Revenue is generated via affiliate links connecting users to retail partners represented in-game as kiosks. When a user purchases a product/service it generates commissions funding development. This alone allows us to provide the school, game and housing complexes for free.
  • The game being developed in Unity makes it easily accessible on nearly any smart device. It's also meant to combat cabin fever through an immersive virtual world. Go to school, work, shopping, hang out with friends and relax in VR safely away from a deadly virus. It allows people living in space and on other planets to interact socially without leaving your habitat module or spaceship.
  • The housing complexes provide a way to give people a safe place to live without charging them to stay. If they're not contributing to Project Universe they don't get paid, but they do have a free home, water, food, internet, healthcare and everything else they need to live a full life. They provide a working template to be refined into self-sustaining spacecraft/stations and habitat modules on other planets.

Project Universe is difficult to explain simply due to its scope. So, while it is essentially globalism, it provides solutions to issues that prevent globalism from working. Through it we create an planet-wide support network that grows faster with each new complex. Interplanetary data transmission latency may be an issue at first, but scientists are working on quantum communications.

That's pretty much the gist of it. Due to Crohn's disease and the state of the world I have two options: #1 Help Humanity. #2 Die. That Stage Zero start date, 24 December 2017, is when I returned home after a week long stay in the ER due to a near death experienced caused by sepsis and Crohn's disease complications. My life is dedicated to the betterment of humanity, my heart and soul are poured into this, my life's work.

I apologize for any spelling, grammatical or other mistakes. I'm currently stoned, awake well past my bedtime and hurting from typing this up (Crohn's is dumb AF). Love y'all, I'll reply to any comments/concerns/questions ASAP after I've slept.

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