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Opportunity to help humanity

If you had the opportunity to help humanity, would you take it?

The global Project Universe community is creating a free planet-wide future-ready cutting-edge school system. With the latest technology we're delivering high-quality education anywhere, even in the most remote, poverty-stricken, underdeveloped and dangerous locations on Earth. It's also ready for our eventual colonization of space and other planets!

It's developed in the Unity3D game engine making it easily accessible via most smart devices.

With SpaceX's Starlink global satellite internet system (and similar) it's easily updated and capable of more.

By utilizing AI and AR/VR it's capable of teaching nearly anything without requiring a teacher significantly increasing accessibility.

By collaborating with all governments, businesses, communities and individuals we ensure it's the best it can be.

Will you help us help humanity?

If you have questions or concerns before you decide, let me know.

You can learn more at, just bear in mind it's a WIP setup to be used in-game as GUI for various touch-screen displays. It may change drastically or become temporarily unavailable during early development. Content is primarily geared towards bringing new developers up to speed as quickly as possible.

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