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Mastering Front-end web development with help of

During my bachelors I learned some coding languages but I was a beginner with little experience.Then after my graduation I started as a junior front-end developer at Ehyaa. But I wasn't good at coding and development while I am good at logics but I had a little hands-on experience in development. So, my boss suggested to learn development and I was just amazed by the scrimba's style for teaching coding. Scrimba has a very interesting way to teach the students they give you tasks while remaining on the same page as scrimba has an interactive interface. One can practice coding by adding code to the live screen that is running codding video, in other words if you are watching the video on the scrimba mini-browser screen where the teacher is adding the code to teach it to you, pause the video and start to add the code on the live screen where teacher's code is typed. Literally I was amazed by the technology used by the developers of scrimba.

Scrimba has many amazing teachers who teach you how to write code from scratch even if you don't know Abc of the coding.
There are many ways that help you to stay consistent during your journey to being a developer,scrimba bootcamp virtual meet-up & like scrimba community.

Scrimba community is an online community of more than three thousand members, where you can ask your questions that will be answered by expert developers at scrimba as well as you can discuss many things that will help the community to get closer as friends or family. You can also ask your coding related difficulties during live meet-ups arranged on a regular basis on scrimba, and podcasts with scrimba aspirants.

As a learning web developer I made many websites taught by Per Borgen & Rafid Hoda until now using HTML, CSS & JavaScript and uploaded them with the help of scrimba that teached me the use of git-hub and how to publish a website.
if you want to know my journey that how I improved from zero you can have a look on the following sites below, they are arranged in first comes first order.

  1. My Intro;

  2. Business Card;

  3. A simple site to praise a celebrity sports-man of my country;

  4. this is a simple site telling about the city I live in;

  5. I modified this site from left-to-right to right-to-left and added data to it;

  6. This is a score-board app where one can add score to the score-board;

  7. This site is a counter app where you can add new entries to the queue;

  8. This site is developed as random password generator;

  9. This site is developed to convert different units to the alternative units;

  10. This site works as a shopping list for its users;

  11. And finally this is my final project site until now, it is an endorsement app;

I hope that this journey will continue for best and will hellp many others to get to their dream-job / dream-career.

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