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Poor man's Github Copilot - Part 1

Couple days ago Open AI released ChatGPT and the game of AI changed forever. The abilities that ChatGPT has shown are exceptional. It was able to generate, explain and comment out code like no other AI and this got me thinking, why not create a VS Code extension similar to Github Copilot.

So I started my journey with no actual experience of creating a VS Code extension. Which in simple terms just means that I opened youtube and searched How to create a VS Code extension. Thankfully enough I found a really helpful guide by Ben Awad and it gave me a solid start.

Long story short, I created an open source extension OpenPliot. I tend to release the extension later this week as I'm still building it. At the moment I'm just able to generate comments by the selected code.

Check it out in action

Check out the repo here

If anyone want's to collaborate, please hit me up at ShakeebAftab

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