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OpenPilot - Poor man's Github Copilot - Part 2


So earlier this week I posted about the idea of OpenPilot with a little teaser and promise to release the extension later this week. So what is OpenPilot? Well in simple words it's Github Copilot powered by Open AI. My goal is to create something that every developer can use in a meaningful way.

If you're interest checkout the the part one

Progress Report

I showed generating comments from code in my last update and now we are able to generate code from comments. At the moment, how it works is that we select the comment and run the command to generate code. Check it out here.

Future Plans

Well we all know, the best feature about Github Copilot is the real-time recommendations. Although I sometimes find them annoying, it's hard to argue against them so my main goal is get the real-time predictions working before the official launch.


As mentioned in my last post as well, this is my first VS Code extension so I'm learning as I go but if someone's interested in collaborating. Feel free to hit me up

Check out the Repo, I'll be pushing the updated code soon

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