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The Hyperverse

Many of you probably clicked on this post because you were intrigued by the title and wondered what the heck the Hyperverse was. I am here to tell you that it will be the number one tool that developers use to start building Dapps in Web3. Let me explain.

Decentology is building the Hyperverse, a community-built, open, audited, marketplace for composable smart contracts for all major blockchains. Decentology is also creating innovative solutions for smart contract development, security, monetization, and discoverability that work cross-chain on the Hyperverse, resulting in the most comprehensive marketplace for smart contracts ever created.

In short, the Hyperverse makes it extremely simple for Web2 developers to build Dapps without writing a single line of smart contract code and only using JavaScript. The Hyperverse is the NPM for smart contracts.

Go here to learn more about Decentology and the Hyperverse.

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