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Shailesh Chaudhary
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All in One AI App with Cloudflare Pages

This is a submission for the Cloudflare AI Challenge.

All in one app with ai for chat, image generation, text summarization, code copilot and Translation generator.



Demo Link

My Code

AI App for Chat, Code Copilot, Translation, Image Generation


Details of AI Models used

Environmental Variables


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open and grab your cridentials.

Run Development Server

npm run dev
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Deploy on Cloudflare Pages

The easiest way to deploy your Next.js app is to use the Cloudflare Pages


Got a inspiration from Code with Antonio and this is the first time i am deploying a nextjs app on pages, it was easy to integrate AI models in nextjs app and easy to deploy nextjs app on Cloudflare Pages.

Multiple Models and/or Triple Task Types

Here is the list of all Cloudflare Models used in the project.

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Ranjan Dailata

Looks great.

Suggestion - May be, you could club multiple AI services and create a planner. Pick a scenario and then execute a plan consisting of multiple AI services and produce some meaningful results.

hikolakita profile image

Very cool! One of the best submission I saw for the contest. I wish you good luck to win, and if you decide to (however you don't have since this is already awesome😍) to improve your project!!!

shaileshofficial2019 profile image
Shailesh Chaudhary

Thanks for your appreciation.

hikolakita profile image

You're welcome! :D