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FREE - 5 Years Subscription to 200+ Microsoft Cloud Computing Azure Courses, Certification Exams etc at Pluralsight

Its time to Learn Cloud Computing for FREE. 👍 👏 👋

Recently I came to know that Pluralsight and Microsoft have partnered to help you become an expert in Azure. With skill assessments and over 200+ courses, 40+ Skill IQs and 8 Role IQs, you can focus your time on understanding your strengths and skill gaps and learn Azure as quickly as possible.

Azure is for Any language. Any platform. Any Developer.

Azure is one of the leading cloud computing service in the market. You can use this FREE opportunity to learn how to build and deploy scalable apps in Azure.

Which Role you want to play ? 😊

AI Engineer ? DevOps Engineer ? Data Engineer ? Data Scientist ? Security Engineer ? Solution Architect ?

Then grab this FREE opportunity. :)

So What is Pluralsight and Why Should I use it ?

Pluralsight is technology skills platform, companies can upskill teams and increase engineering impact.

With assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts, our platform helps businesses and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products.

They have high Quality Courses in all Programming languages. These courses authored by industry experts.


You’ll get unlimited access to selected Azure courses, skill assessments that help you validate your knowledge, Role IQ to measure your level of expertise in your job and more experiences.

What Courses and Certification resources you get for FREE ?

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator - helps prepare for: AZ-103
  • Microsoft Azure Developer - helps prepare for: AZ-203
  • Microsoft Azure Solution Architect - helps prepare for: AZ-300 / AZ-301
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer - helps prepare for: AI-100
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer - helps prepare for: AZ-400
  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer - helps prepare for: DP-200 / DP-201
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist - helps prepare for: DP-100
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer - helps prepare for: AZ-500

Register now to learn Azure and measure your skills for FREE.

Free Registration Link:



Hope this helps.

Enjoy 😄

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Vikas Solegaonkar

I was expecting some affiliate links here. But you are sharing purely for helping others! Impressed! :)

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Ola Popoola

Thank you buddy. God bless. Happy New Year to you!

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Shaiju T

Hope you find this useful 😄 God bless you too. Happy new year :)

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Shaiju T • Edited

Update: As of today , FREE offer is over it seems.