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MERN stack project for beginners

Youtube Tutorial:
Source Code: github repo

Made with ❤️ by Shaif Arfan

Project Details

This project is for beginners only. In this project we are going to create a task management app (todo app). Where user create register an account with name, email, password. Inside the app user can create tasks, check tasks and delete tasks. Beside that user can update their own profile.

It is a simple app. In the project we didn't focus on styles, so the ui is simple.

What we are going to learn/use


Basic knowledge of react and express.
if you don't have basic knowledge of express, then you can watch these videos simple crud with express and mongoDb, jwt auth with express.

Getting Started

You can follow our complete youtube tutorial
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Seif Sekalala

@shaifarfan08 Thank you so much! Pretty cool, this project.

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