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A Complete React Todo App using React, Redux, Framer Motion

React Todo App.

A complete todo application with all features.

Made with ❤️ by Shaif Arfan

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Project Description

In the project, we will be creating a Complete Todo Application with all features. We will do all the CRUD operations. We will to use React.js and to manage our states, we will use Redux. Also we will learn to make simple animations using Framer Motion. This will be a complete beginner friendly app. Hope you enjoy it.

What we are going to learn/use


  • Basic ReactJs knowledge
  • Basic HTML, CSS knowledge

Starter files

You can find all the starter files in starter-files branch. You can to go to the starter-files branch and download zip the the starter files or You can clone the project and git checkout to starter-files branch.

Getting Started

The recommended way to get started with the project is Follow the YouTube tutorial. You will find all the step-by-step guides. Or you Can start the project on your own by following the guide below.

After getting the starter files, you need to go the file directory and run

npm install
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and after that start the dev server.

npm start
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Tools Used

  1. Favicon:
  2. Code Editor: VS Code


Q: How can i get started?

You can get started by following the YouTube tutorial of this project. Here is the full tutorial video link: [coming soon].

Q: What i need to start the project?

Just open your favorite code editor and follow along with the YouTube tutorial.

Q: Who the project is for?

The project is for the people who wanna get more skilled in ReactJs.


If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at @web_cifar


For support, join our Community Group.



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Happy Coding! 🚀

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