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HTML CSS full project

Shaif's Cuisine

Shaif's Cuisine 👨‍🍳

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Project Description

A HTML, CSS project. Made with ♥ by the web cifar community. There will be 5 pages in the website (HomePage, MenuPage, AboutPage, ContactPage, BookingPage). In this project we gonna learn how we can create a website using simple HTML, CSS. The main purpose of the project is to get more used to with HTML, CSS. Although we used a few lines of JavaScript in the project for necessary cases. Later on, in this project, we gonna learn how we can deploy this site using Netlify. Also, we gonna learn the process from the zero to end and make the website ready for live production.

What we are going to learn

  • CSS Grid
  • Scroll Animation
  • Netlify Deployment
  • Netlify Form functionality
  • More. . .

Starter files

You can find all the starter files in starter_files branch. You can to go to the starter_files branch and download zip the starter files, or You can clone the project and git checkout to starter_files branch.


  • Basic HTML, CSS

Tools Used

  1. icons - (flat & Feather icons)
  2. illustration -
  3. UI Design: Figma
  4. Code Editor: VS Code


How can I get started?

You can get started by following the YouTube tutorial of this project. Here is the full tutorial video link: [coming soon].

What I need to start the project?

Just open your favorite code editor and follow along with the YouTube Tutorial[coming soon].

Who the project is for?

The project is for the people who wanna get more skilled in HTML & CSS.

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If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at @web_cifar


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