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30days30submits (HTML, CSS, JS)


Boost your HTML, CSS, JS Skills with these small to medium projects.

In this challenge, I submitted 30 little to medium size projects. Sometimes I made a little website component or sometimes some JavaScript app as a submit. I did it to boost my HTML, CSS & JS skills. Down here you will find all the live previews and YouTube videos (how I made it). Also here is the full playlist for this #30days30submits challenge => playlist.

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day Project Name source Code/preview YouTube Video
day-1 Custom Cursor
day-2 Theme Switcher
day-3 Random Dad Jokes Generator
day-4 Numbers API
day-5 Countdown Timer
day-6 Featured Section
day-7 Photo gallery p-1
day-8 Photo gallery p-2 [Pexels API]
day-9 Read More Button
day-10 key Code Generator App
day-11 CSS animated Menu
day-12 CSS Flex Gallery
day-13 Analog Clock
day-14 Digital Clock
day-15 BG Color Changer
day-16 Basic Tooltips
day-17 Scroll Down Button
day-18 Advance Tooltips
day-19 Full Functional Html Form
day-20 Multi Step Form
day-21 CSS Loading animation
day-22 Food Recipe App
day-23 Neon Light Effect
day-24 Speech Recognition App
day-25 Custom Slider
day-26 Bouncing DVD logo
day-27 Quiz APP
day-28 Simple Calculator
day-29 Weather APP
day-30 CSS Dot Loaders

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Day #26 be like

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Shaif Arfan


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Shaif Arfan

Visualizing Promises and Async/Await 🤯

async await

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