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React+Node Projects for Resume Building and Learning Suggestions

I was looking for some React + Node projects to learn from and fill my resume with.
Came across this and his channel has many other common projects with similar stack.
The initial 2 minutes of the video will give an idea about the project and tech used in the project.

Is it a good idea to do this way in order to learn and have good projects on your resume? Thank you in advance for any suggestions/recommendations.

Note: I have less than one year experience in web dev looking for full stack roles in Canada. I do have some basic knowledge of MERN stack as I have build simpler apps with it, but trying to look for something a bit advance here.

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Nishith Kumar

Lama Dev is one good website to get a hang of what kind of problems you'll deal with when working on projects. I would suggest to use a Learning playlist first instead of directly jumping to a learning+working on a project route, if you are a beginner. If you have a decent experience writing react or vanilla js code, you can start working on your projects basing lama dev or any other source

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