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Can AI like Devin or Chatgpt replace human software developers?

The pace at which technology has advanced and is still evolving is remarkable. This tendency also applies to artificial intelligence (AI), and it's fascinating to see the range of ways AI may help. Undoubtedly, throughout the past 10 years, a large number of us who use AI have reaped benefits from it, whether on purpose or unknowingly.

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding the part AI will play in our future professional life, regardless of where you are in your AI journey. Nevertheless, the encouraging fact is that AI is probably going to make our lives simpler and function more effectively, regardless of your position in the tech stack.

Do not Follow the Myth!

Although artificial intelligence (AI) like Devin, Chatgpt or PerplexAI has the potential to influence many sectors and automate some processes, it is not possible that AI will replace software programmers completely in the near future.

AI will NOT Replace the Human Developers

AI surely helps the human developers by automating certain tedious jobs, but it can never be replaced with the human brain.

AI will assist in automating time-consuming and repetitive processes like debugging, testing, and code reviews. This will reduce the amount of time developers spend on these activities while also freeing them up to concentrate on more creative and important projects. In general, this may result in software with higher quality and quicker development cycles.

AI can not work on its own, moreover Human input is required. Without a software developer, or any human being with technical knowledge, how AI like chatGpt will give you solutions!

Jobs will undoubtedly change, as they always have. However, these AI technologies will both generate and enhance a wide range of careers that we are currently unable to anticipate.

AI can NOT solve all Problems

Creating sophisticated software systems, implementing algorithms, and resolving complicated issues are all part of software engineering. While AI can help automate certain monotonous operations and streamline processes, human skill is still needed to imagine, plan, and design complex software systems that adhere to particular specifications.

AI can create Unique Software Systems
Creating innovative user experiences, designing user interfaces, and inventing algorithms are just a few examples of how creativity and innovation are often incorporated into software development. AI can come up with answers based on data and patterns that already exist, but it can't yet match human intuition and originality.

AI can NOT Maintain the Standards

It is the duty of software developers to make sure that the software they develop minimizes biases, upholds ethical standards, and protects privacy. Given that AI systems have the potential to unintentionally reinforce stereotypes or behave in ways that are inconsistent with human principles and these ethical issues necessitate human judgment and decision-making. Ensuring ethical principles are adhered to throughout the software development process is a critical responsibility of software developers.

AI can NOT understand all the Requirements

Software developers are able to adjust to changing needs and have a sense of context. They collaborate closely with clients to figure out requirements, comprehend business requirements, and develop software solutions that are appropriate for certain situations. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help with data analysis and pattern identification, but human developers are better able to comprehend complicated situations, make defensible choices, and modify software systems appropriately.


Software development will be significantly impacted by artificial intelligence, which will need developers to pick up new skills in order to remain relevant. There will be plenty of job chances for those who can cope with the new era the best, but doing so will call for a different kind of perspective than what a lot of developers now hold. But do not think that AI can replace human brain.

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david duymelinck

I love the nuance in the post. You are not for or against. It is a thing we have to navigate while improving ourselves as problem solvers.

If AI can take away the boring things we now put in scripts, by all means let the language models do it.

If AI can give us a better understanding how to write code. I'm always open for different views, even they don't come from a human.

We have to see where it goes, and just have to be aware where it can help and where it is just an nuisance. It is just a new shiny tool at the moment that gets a lot of attention, but like any other tool it has to prove its worth.

archaicvolt profile image
Egbuikwem Chibuike

Your opinion on this subject is very much like mine, rather than being scared of AI while adopt it and make it sort of an assistance.