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oyetola sodiq
oyetola sodiq

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My first practice login page

Made a simple login page to practice my knowledge of html and css and to review it for faster better ways to solve future coding problems.

  • started off with writing the html code. I used the list element to make a nav bar(styled with css to make horizontal)

  • used input[type:text/password] and used a placeholder to illustrate the value of the input

  • used button element to create the login submit button

  • ended with a paragraph containing instructions and a link.

Image description

styling my html with css

  • started with setting my default margin and adding a nice background image

  • no-repeat so the image only appears once background-size cover so it fits the entire screen.

  • set the list style type to none to remove any existing list item marker

  • I set the overflow to hide, then I floated the navbar in place

  • I set the link display to block to make the entire textarea clickable

  • Image description

Image description


Image description

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babib profile image
𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐢 ✨

Nice ❤️

However instead of nesting each input element in a div tag it'll be better to give them a display:block;

shabzy1507 profile image
oyetola sodiq Author

thank you for contributing

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