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Shaan Alam
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🖊 I am building a pastebin alternative!

I wanted to learn T3 stack as it is trend right now. So what better way is there to learn a particular stack than actually creating a project in it. But, I did not wanted to create the traditional recipe app, social media app or a boring e-commerce app. I wanted to create something which can be used by others also.

So, I thought to myself what are the apps which I use, but it could've been better if I built it. I thought of lot of apps, but later came across pastebin. I thought to myself, "I could build it better".

Is it a regular pastebin clone?

No, it's not exactly a pastebin clone, but rather I'm planning it to build it as an alternative to it. It's going to be better, with beautiful UI and everything.

How is it going to be different?

The difference is I am gonna let users write notion like documents and then share it, unlike pastebin which only lets us share text. For writing documents, I'm gonna use It is a WYSIWYG editor which provides interface and features similar to Notion. It also lets us use OpenAI API to integrate AI into it.

It will have all the regular features like document sharing, password protection, document exposure, document expiration etc. For now, I'm planning to build a MVP in a week or so, and later I'll improve it by introducing more features into it.

What tech stack I'm planning to use?

  • T3 stack
  • (WYSIWYG editor)
  • shadcn/ui
  • MySql
  • PlanetScale
  • Vercel

I am bad at naming things 😁, I had hard time thinking about a name for this project. I came up with "docshare", but I think it can be further improved. I'd appreciate it if you guys can help me come up with a perfect name for this project. Thanks in advance!

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