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How to Transfer a Domain Name for FREE! (Step by Step)

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Do you want to move your site to another host? Does your domain require to be transferred? Possibly, you might have found an excellent package for the registration of your web domain. There are various reasons you might need to switch your area to another host. An alternate web host might be offering you a low rate plan, or you might not be satisfied with the initial host's services. Irrespective of the case, the procedure to transfer the domain is quite simple and does not consume much of your time. It might require some effort, but ultimately you will have a better web hosting service at a better cost, with Hostinger Coupon Code.

Although getting your domain transferred from one host to another is a simple and easy process, it might take a strenuous time to get completed. There are a whole lot of approvals that you would be required to take to complete the operation of the domain transfer correctly. The majority of the process is done in the background; you'll simply need to round up a few forms during the procedure.

In this article further, we are going to discuss the procedure to transfer your domain in detail. Let us list out the steps required to transfer your domain to an alternate host.

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STEP 1: Get rid of the domain lock to receive the authorization code

Almost all the web hosting services enable something known as the domain lock. This acts as a security tie-up between you and the hosting service you use. It helps you to avoid any unauthorized transfers on your domain.

It is fairly simple to disable the domain lock. You have to sign in where your domain is registered, and you can easily find the option to disable the domain lock. In most cases, you will find that option under the “sharing and transfer” dropdown tab.

As soon as you disable the domain lock, you would come across an option where you can get the authorization code. The authorization code can then be received on the email address, which was registered along with the domain. This code will be asked by the host you are planning to switch to.

After you have done this, move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Commence our journey with the new host.

Now that you have received the authorization code, log in to your new host and search for the domain transfer option. You should be easily able to procure it somewhere in the dashboard or under the management or domains panel. Once you get the option, it will ask you to enter the domain name and the authorization code that you had received. As soon as you enter both the information, the process of domain transfer will get started. But for the actual transfer to take place, you would have to give verification for the same. Look into the next step for more details.

STEP 3: Verifying to start the transfer process

As you enter the authorization code, you will receive an email asking you to verify if you want the transfer. It will confirm all the details such as the domain name, the host you were using earlier, and the host you are now switching to. Once you confirm all these details, you just have to agree to the terms and conditions of the transfer and click on the confirmation link. (Always make sure you read the terms and conditions correctly before you click on the confirmation link.)

As soon as you go to the confirmation link, you will be redirected to the new web host. Then, move to the next and the last step to finally complete the process of transferring your domain to the new web hosting platform.

STEP 4: Complete the payment and wait until the process completes

Go through all the plans and packages offered by the new host and choose the best suitable one for yourself. While many of the platforms offer to get the domain transfer done for free, they will ask you to renew the hosting service for a complete year. That implies that you have to make the payment for one year, completely in advance, for the transfer process.

As soon as you select your plan and make the payment, the transfer process will be completed from your end. Now on, the time it takes to complete the transfer will depend on the registration service you have chosen. Your domain might take a few days to get a transfer, or it may happen instantly, it depends on the registrar. As soon as the domain transfer process gets completed, you will be able to find your domain in the management panel of your new web hosting service.

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