Okta: SSO authentication for Gmail and Slack

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Okta is an Single Sign-On service provider and I’d like to move all our users to the Okta for better management.

The task now will be to create a Gmail mailbox account and Slack community access.

Okta Gmail app

Register a new account, go to the Get started, in the Use single sign-on click on the Add app:

Find Gmail Inbox application:

Leave defaults on the next page:

In this current case, I’m configuring a shared mailbox account access which will be used by various users.

Thus, choose the Users share a single username and password set by administrator type, set the Email type in the в Application username format and configure username and password:


Application assignment

In the Assignments, you can specify which application will be available for user/groups.

Chose the All users access here for the mailbox created above:

Check the access – go to the My applications:

Chrome Okta plugin

Install the Okta plugin:

Log in via the browser and your mailbox is available now:


Similarly to the Gmail application but in contrast to the Gmail account – for the Slack application each user will have to configure login-password by himself.

Add another one App:

Chose its name, in the Domain – specify the Slack’s community name without slack.com, i.e. if your Slack called example.slack.com – then set the only example here_:_

Chose the User sets username and password:

Go to the Applications, click on the Edit:

And set your Slack’s credentials:


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