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Insights from an Engineering Director (#SerpApiPodcast, Ep. 8)

The success of the company primarily depends on the effective actions and efforts of talented people. Today we would like to introduce you to Milos, one of the Engineering Directors at SerpApi.

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Show Notes

[00:00] - Intro
[01:26] - What are Milos' responsibilities at SerpApi?
[02:19] - How did you become a manager?
[03:25] - How do you feel about switching from individual contributor to manager?
[05:16] - Where did you gain that knowledge, internally or externally?
[07:41] - Do you prioritize individual tasks?
[09:46] - How do you feel about contributing via others instead of contributing personally?
[11:18] - What is the upper limit for you (number of subordinates)?
[13:22] - What's a goal of a weekly meeting?
[15:13] - How does your team interact with you?
[16:36] - How do you understand and know what is valuable for the business?
[18:19] - Hobbies
[20:29] - How do you organize your time?
[22:23] - Do you work without interruption?
[23:12] - What do you put in the calendar besides meeting?
[24:26] - Milos' actions when he can’t follow the plan ?
[25:00] - What do you do when you finish your work early?
[26:12] - Long term plans or small steps?
[30:40] - How have you changed since you started working in SerpApi?
[32:41] - What are your plans for the future?
[34:20] - What is the feedback about you from the people you manage?
[36:36] - How do you manage disagreements with the people you manage?
[38:15] - How do you decide when to say "no"?
[40:12] - How do you manage to deal with a large amount of work?
[45:48] - What would you like to be changed in your work?
[50:59] - What are your suggestions for yourself in the past?
[53:26] - How do you deal with anxiety?
[56:16] - Do you have a role model?
[57:13] - Epilogue (few words from Milos)

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#SerpApiPodcast is about SERP (search engine results pages) and ecommerce data scraping: parsing, circumvention of blocking, web automation, proxies, legal part of scraping, performance, data extraction and validation.

Use cases for SERP data scraping: SEO, local SEO, ML models, news monitoring, OSINT, voice assistant, ecommerce competitor research.

The podcast is brought to you by SerpApi team:

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