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Swift: Conforming a protocol to a protocol.

In some cases you want to conform a protocol to another protocol that defines an associated type.

protocol CollectionSlice: Collection {
    func prefix(_ maxLength: Int) -> CollectionSlice
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Itโ€™s not uncommon to run into an error like this:

Protocol โ€˜CollectionSliceโ€™ can only be used as a generic constraint because it has Self or associated type requirements

This is because the compiler canโ€™t make sure that the returned CollectionSlice will result in the same underlying associated type as the defined protocol. Therefore, we need to setup a constraint that makes sure both types are equal:

protocol CollectionSlice: Collection {
    associatedtype Slice: CollectionSlice where Slice.Item == Item
    func prefix(_ maxLength: Int) -> Slice
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Implementors of this protocol are now required to return a slice of the same type as its parent collection:

extension UppercaseStringsCollection: CollectionSlice {
    func prefix(_ maxLength: Int) -> UppercaseStringsCollection {
        var collection = UppercaseStringsCollection()
        for index in 0..<min(maxLength, count) {
        return collection
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Associated types in Swift Protocols.
Conforming a protocol to a protocol

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