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Sergey Leschev
Sergey Leschev

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Redux-like state container in SwiftUI. Reducer and Actions.

...about user actions which lead to state mutations. Action is a simple enum or composition of enums describing a change of the state. For example, set loading value during data fetch, assign fetched repositories to the state property. Let’s take a look at the example code for Action enum.

enum AppAction {
    case search(query: String)
    case setSearchResult(repos: [Repo])
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Reducer is a function that takes current state, applies Action to the state, and generates a new state. Generally, reducer or composition of reducers is the single place where your app should mutate the state. The fact that the only one function can modify the whole app state is super simple, debuggable, and testable. Here is an example of reduce function.

typealias Reducer<State, Action> = (inout State, Action) -> Void

func appReducer(state: inout AppState, action: AppAction) {
    switch action {
    case let .setSearchResults(repos):
        state.searchResult = repos
    case let .search(query):
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I have a clear focus on time-to-market and don't prioritize technical debt. And I took part in the Pre-Sale/RFX activity as a System Architect, assessment efforts for Mobile (iOS-Swift, Android-Kotlin), Frontend (React-TypeScript) and Backend (NodeJS-.NET-PHP-Kafka-SQL-NoSQL). And I also formed the work of Pre-Sale as a CTO from Opportunity to Proposal via knowledge transfer to Successful Delivery.

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