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Discussion on: Six Data Structures To Help You Ace Your Technical Interview

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Great. What data structures we will need to know in 2021? I want to prepare myself!

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Emma Bostian ✨ Author

HAHA I don't know but I like this comment!

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Yaser Al-Najjar


  1. Arrays.
  2. Linked Lists.
  3. Stacks.
  4. Queues.
  5. Binary Trees.
  6. Graphs.

Prepare yourself well 😆

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George Jempty

The same ones you needed to know in 2020. These "in 2020" posts are nothing but click-bait in my opinion. Surprised to see one working so well in February. Maybe we should start flooding the site again.

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Kyle Griffin

I read this article because Emma knows how to write articles. If it was written by someone else, I may have not.

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George Jempty • Edited on

So you too are judging a book by its cover -- thanks for the validation \s

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Carl Anderson

It won't be invented until later this year, but "Abstract inverted hash-heaps" and going to become very popular.

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Scott Simontis

I think graphs are incredibly valuable because of the amount of insight they can reveal within datasets. Dictionaries can also be a very powerful tool from my (pretty basic) studies of machine learning, along with hashing functions (although that's technically getting into algorithms). I still don't know what to make of the blockchain and if there is any value in learning it, so I suppose I will learn it and report back!