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I'm a professional web developer. Ex-Spotify. I blog over at https://carlanderson.xyz

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3 Methods to Actually Remember What You Learn in Coding Tutorials

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The Danger of Specializing Too Early

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When Are You Ready to Freelance as a Front-End Developer?

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How to Get Past JavaScript Tutorials: Copy & Paste

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Practice JavaScript by Breaking Things Down

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4 Mistakes That Are Getting You Stuck Learning JavaScript

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7 Pieces of Bad Advice for JavaScript Beginners

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3 Techniques for Maintaining Your Sanity Using "This" in JavaScript

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You Don’t Need to Be a JavaScript Expert

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Can You Actually Learn JavaScript From an Online Course?

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On the Edge: Finding (and Fixing) Cross Browser Issues

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JavaScript Closures, and How They Work

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How to write comments to improve code clarity

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Function Declarations vs Expressions: A Quick Guide

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Bad code isn't shameful

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6 Tips for making a responsive website from scratch

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Introduction to Readable Javascript

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