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Developed OPEN SOURCE to STOP PAYING!! for tools

With the advent of ChatGPT, developer productivity has greatly increased. Additionally, using services that effectively utilize ChatGPT can further maximize productivity.

Sider - AI tool

However, a drawback of this kind of services is that the amount to be paid on a monthly basis is determined by the sum of "ChatGPT API Key Usage Fee" and "Service Usage Fee" requiring payment of more than $10 per month. While it is an amount that can be reasonably justified considering the enhanced productivity, I have decided that I cannot ignore the expenditure as I plan to continue using this service for a long time. As my job transition preparation has been completed recently and I have some spare time, I have decided to start developing a Chrome extension to effectively utilize ChatGPT.

Price Comparison

  • ChatGPT Plus: $20 per month

ChatGPT price

  • Sider + ChatGPT API KEY Usage: >= $100 per year

Sider price

  • Free AI Sidebar: ChatGPT API Key Usage: Depends on usage

Free AI Sidebar

Introducing FREE AI Sidebar

When I search for information, I usually open multiple tabs in the Chrome browser and keep them active. However, when using ChatGPT for chatting, I prefer to open a separate tab for that. Sometimes, I accidentally close the ChatGPT tab or it gets hidden behind other tabs, causing inconvenience.

Fortunately, Chrome has a feature called the side panel. This side panel can be shared across all tabs in the same window. Therefore, even when switching tabs, the same side panel can be maintained. I started developing a Chrome extension with the belief that this can improve the inconvenience of using ChatGPT.

FREE AI Sidebar

Main Features

The goal of the "Free AI Sidebar" project is as follows:

Provide a service that eliminates inconvenience and allows anyone to use it for free.

So the main goal is to eliminate the inconvenience encountered and provide the service for free, except for the API Key usage fee of chatGPT. Additionally, another goal is to develop highly usable software by encouraging various developers to participate. In order to achieve these objectives, the "Free AI Sidebar" project offers the following features.


One of the basic features of ChatGPT is the chat function, which is one of the key features of the "Free AI Sidebar." as well.
Chatting Feature

Prompt Engineering

By utilizing Prompt Engineering, you can obtain more accurate answers from chatGPT. However, there is inconvenience in having to manually copy and paste the prompt every time you ask a question. To solve this problem, we have added a feature that automatically adds the prompt to the text entered by the user, and have also included a message template for this purpose.

Setting Prompts

Using Predefined Prompts

By utilizing the message template feature, there is no need to repeatedly copy and paste the prompt as shown in the above picture.

Memorizing Previous Contexts

ChatGPT does not remember previous conversations. In other words, it cannot answer questions regarding information included in previous conversations.

ChatGPT Forgetting Previous Contexts

When carrying on a conversation with someone, it is generally assumed that the other person remembers the context of the previous conversation. However, chatGPT has a limitation in that it cannot remember the previous context, which can give the feeling of sudden interruption in the conversation. To address this, we have added a feature that allows chatGPT to remember the previous context.

Configuring FREE AI Sidebar to Remember previous context

Remembering previous context

Generating Images

Sometimes, there are cases where random images need to be used, and by utilizing the API of chatGPT, it is possible to easily implement image generation functionality. Additionally, in the future, there are plans to add the ability to edit the generated images.

Image generation


In addition, various features have been added including changing themes, changing AI models, and adjusting the temperature.


Open Source Contribution

When I first released it as open source, I was very worried about whether anyone would contribute, even just one person. However, my worries were unfounded as developers from various countries have contributed, which has motivated me to develop the project even harder.

Open Source Contribution

Last Word

"Free AI Sidebar" is a free software that helps you make more efficient use of chatGPT. Some people use it as a tool to improve their productivity, while others use it as a means to contribute to open source. Feel free to use it and feedback is always welcome. In fact, user feedback is crucial. If you want to contribute, please feel free to register a GitHub issue and submit a pull request at any time.

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