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Release - Open Source Project(w. Movex )


I got to know Movex project during Hacktoberfest and kept contributing to the project. I planned to create the PR for Codu as I already posted my planning and progress, however, there was no luck and I wasn't able to create the PR. Thus, I found a smaller issue that I can deal with quickly before the semester is done.


When I was working for Movex, I found there were a couple of linting issues and I wanted to fix the issue, and I think this is a good time to get back to that. First, I created the issue as nobody wrote it up, and I saw the linting issues on 4 different files when I run the command npx nx lint movex --quiet.
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type ReconciledStateReturn<S extends any> = false | true | [true, S];
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type ReconciledStateReturn<S> = false | true | [true, S];
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The error was Containing the generic type 'S' to 'any' does nothing is unnecessary and I simply removed extends any and the issue is gone.


export class MockConnectionEmitter<
  // TState extends any = any,
  TState = any,
  TAction extends AnyAction = AnyAction,
  TResourceType extends string = string
> implements EventEmitter<IOEvents<TState, TAction, TResourceType>>```

The same issue happened and the commented line had `extends any` caused the issue and I removed it.

##### orchestrator.ts

  let unsubscribe = async () => {};
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Also, there was the issue about Unexpected empty async arrow function and this function was reused in the component. When I removed the line it affected the remaining code and I didn't want to destroy the project and I simply put @typescript-eslint/no-empty-function above the code.


During OSD600 course, I learned a lot of practical things, which will be helpful when working with a team. It was a good recap of Git and I could contribute to a few open-source projects based on what I learned. I'm 100% satisfied with this journey, and I will keep an eye on open-source projects if there's anything that I can contribute to.

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