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Planning - Open Source Project(w. Codu)


As a contributor of Codu, I often keep an eye on issues and try to resolve them. However, recently, issues are getting slower and I found out one issue is still not resolved even though it was raised 2 months ago.


Issue is that the web application tries to catch unsaved changes on an article while a user is writing, but our website was designed in Nextjs 12 and it was deprecated and the router wasn't available anymore as we moved on nextjs 14. The expected output should be like this:
Image description

However, when the user clicks another link or page, it directly moves out.

Why did you choose this?

The personal reason is that I love this project and people are using this website in the Beta version, and the author is pretty nice and guides beginners well like me. The other reason is I saw this project is written in Typescript and Nextjs that I'm interested in for these days, and some of the codes were implemented in Nextjs 12 and several issues came up for the same reason. Also, I already fixed the issue and want to learn more about Nextjs 14 by finding a workaround.


It seems like a few people tried to fix the issue but they gave it up, so I'm not sure I'm able to find a workaround to fix the issue. However, I already fixed a similar issue last month during Hactoberfest and I believe that might be a good experience to fix the issue this time.

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