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Project ideas for beginners

Beginners or experts, all need practice to become perfect. But beginners may find it hard to practice as some of them have no idea to start something at all. Trust me, I'm also one of them. Working on a project is a very good way to recall what we learned recently and improve our thinking and coding skills. So I decided to compile a list of ideas for just starters, average beginners and beginners with some experiences.

Ideas for code newbies

  • Fizz buzz generator
  • Simple calculator (which let the user select the operation and performs calculations)
  • Converter
    • Unit converter
    • Morse code converter
    • Currency converter
    • Any converter of your choice!
  • Simple GUI program
    • A program which allows user to type in
    • A program which allows user to choose options and displaying it
  • Rock paper scissor game
  • Your portfolio

Ideas for average beginners

  • Calculator (more advanced calculator than in the newbies section. You may use eval functions in languages to make the task easier. Also improve the styles)
  • All in one converter
  • A text editor which allows to save and retrieve files from disk.
  • Tic-tac-toe game
  • Improve your previous portfolio
  • Simple Command prompt (I mean create a new CLI. Allow user to type commands and print statements. It should also be able to perform calculations and inform user if the commands are wrong)
  • Simple chat bot
  • Program which fetch random quotes from web and display it to the user.
  • Simple search engine (Don't think so much. Create a data set yourself and let the user to enter a query and return entries related to queries)
  • Server response simulator (You should do research on internet on how servers perform responses and try to imitate the behaviour. For simplicity you don't need to perform actuall requests and responses.
  • Stopwatch or a timer

Ideas for beginners with experience

  • Diary app
    • It should be able to save records of the user and open a record when the user wants. Also it should be structured nicely
  • Improve the morse code converter to save, open and fetch files from disk or internet.
  • Improve your terminal to do more creepy things
    • Handling escapes
    • Emulating behaviour of pipes
  • Create a discord bot which
    • Greets a new user
    • Greets every morning
    • Say 'Bye!' when somebody leaves
  • Improve the chat bot

    • It should understand more things
    • It should give clear results after user entered something
    • It should display images if user enters a image path, and say if the image doesn't exists
    • It should perform general tasks like displaying time
    • Add simple games (text based) to your chat bot
  • Tower of Hanoi

  • Create a simple RPG game

  • Create a farming game (My first project)

  • Create simple clones of facebook, google, youtube and even

  • Emulate a REST client. You may also integrate this with the server response simulator for a better functionality (You do not need to perform actual requests and responses again!)

  • Do a research and create a web page for it

  • Create a Markdown to (HTML, BB code coverter) and vice-versa

Those are the ideas that I can give you. Comment below your creations better ideas than this. Also ❤️ this if you like this content.

Thanks for READING!

Top comments (11)

williamswill profile image
Oluwafemi Williams
CrEaTe A sImPlE rPg GaMe

seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira Author

Yeah that is hard XD
But atleast trying is a good thing :P

williamswill profile image
Oluwafemi Williams

Lol I wouldn't even know where to start

Thread Thread
seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira Author

The ideas are in sequential order. So you can take from the first idea

Thread Thread
williamswill profile image
Oluwafemi Williams

I've actually got quite a portfolio already, but it's a software engineers portfolio, I just think it would be really cool if I could add an rPg game to it

Thread Thread
seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira Author

Yes! I'm encouraging you to do so :)

abmsourav profile image
Keramot UL Islam

Thanks for sharing some amazing ideas. :)
I'm a WordPress developer and recently I've created a WordPress plugin so that people can showcase their DevCommunity articles on their WordPress site.

nickyoung profile image
Nick Young

This is an awesome list, thanks for the ideas. Oh, how I love the Tower of Hanoi! I had to do that in one of my first programming classes when I was in high school and it was so much fun.

seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira Author

Nice to here about that 👍

khe0124 profile image
Haeun Kang

Awesome post!! May I translate into Korean? I wanna share your post with many developers in Korea.

seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira Author

Sure, it's an honour for me.

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