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10 Best Websites to Learn Computer Programming Online

The number of developers in the world is growing and will continue to grow: now there are approximately 24 million, it is expected that by 2024 there will be 28.7 million developers. This makes the decision to join the large family of programmers is wise and appropriate.

But what programming language are you going to start with? You could learn Java, Python, C++ or another language with a big community — perfect for beginners. Java, for example, has found wide application and global popularity with about 7.6 million software developers. Besides, Java is the most popular mainstream programming language.

Once you pick a language, an essential step is choosing a learning platform. One that is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. Below are eleven best websites where you can learn programming. This list is compiled based on the relative ease of learning, teaching methodology, and reliability.


Languages taught: Java

A great choice for beginners. The crucial benefit of CodeGym is that it successfully combines theory and practice. It’s also the only platform on the list dedicated to learning one language only — Java — which makes it more focused on achieving high results in one area.

  • CodeGym provides practice-based learning with over 500 study hours and more than 1200 tasks of different complexity.
  • It offers a gamified method of learning. Students make progress solving tasks and get rewards for it. As a fun perk, rewards are calculated in dark matter.
  • You get a virtual mentor that checks your code and provides pieces of advice on your learning process.
  • CodeGym is not just about learning; it also offers access to the Java community with over 500K Java students worldwide. This option is available for free, and the full-scale learning costs $49 per month.


Languages taught: C++, Java, MATLAB, Python

OCW is an online learning platform from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). OpenCourseWare is more than 20 years old, and most of the MIT courses are available here. MIT OpenCourseWare provides university-level programming materials from over 2500 courses. Some are free, but the good books should be paid for.

  • The platform has a huge library of different courses, and you can find the necessary one using a keyword in the search.
  • It presents many academic level courses: for example, “Ethics for the Electronic Frontier.”
  • There are many simpler courses, like “Java: beginner level”.
  • You can also enjoy audio and video lectures and podcasts. They are available for free, but you can donate.


Languages taught: R, Python, C, C++, MATLAB, Java, JavaScript

Stanford University is known for its initiatives in extended education. The University launched its online platforms years ago, long before Covid-19 and global lockdowns. Stanford Free Online Courses and MIT share similarities. Their courses cover several programming languages.

  • The content is primarily available for free, though some certificates are paid.
  • The platform offers incredible high-quality courses on the newest technologies, complex topics, and upper-level problems for software engineers.
  • You can find the lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning here.

Before enrolling in a course on this platform, check the availability and the necessary background. Some courses require fundamental knowledge and aren’t most suitable for newbies.

You’ll find courses available for free and paid ones. The latter’s price depends on the theme and entry level.


Languages taught: Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript

EDX offers online university-level courses in a wide range of subjects, including computer and data science, engineering, and design. The platform does not focus on a specific subject; its collection covers almost all academic fields and topics and there is a good set of software development courses among them.

  • The courses on EDX offer both theory and practice.
  • The relevancy of the provided information is ensured by professors.

EDX has both free and paid online courses. The price for an “Introduction to Java Programming” course, for example, is $149 with an unlimited access to course materials.


Languages taught: JavaScript, C#, Python, C++, Ruby, Java

Pluralsight is a learning platform for developers. Pluralsight offers classes for software developers, skill assessment, and a practice lab.

  • The information is provided by industry experts and is a good option for beginners.
  • The platform offers a good combination of theory and practice in each course and a wide range of courses for different levels.

You can start training for free or pay $19.99 and $29.99 for standard and premium respectively. Here you can also get shareable certificates to prove your skills.


Languages taught: Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Ruby, C++, PHP, Go, Swift, Kotlin

Codecademy is also a learning platform, which focuses on courses for software developers. However, the content is not limited to courses.

  • The platform contains numerous articles on different topics in software engineering.
  • If you use a sorting option and choose the field you want to practice, it will suggest a set of blogs, articles, and learning courses.

The price is $19.9 per month, or cheaper if you pay an annual subscription.


Languages taught: Python, Java, Scala, PHP, C, C++, C#, Kotlin

Coursera is a globally available learning platform and probably the most well-known among online students.

  • Coursera offers a wide range of programs by college professors.
  • It positions itself as a learning platform where academic education is available to anyone.
  • You can find famous names from Oxford, Stanford and other universities in the list of course authors.

The platform offers a flexible price policy. The price they charge depends on your requirements. If you want to just listen to the lecture, most of the courses are available for free. However, if you want some personal attention, for example, check your homework, you should pay. Shareable certificates also cost a price.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning
Languages taught: Python, C, C++, C#, SQL, Rust, Java

LinkedIn Learning, also called Lynda, has courses for any career path you may want with resources from real-life instructors. Lynda existed as a successful online learning platform for 20 years before LinkedIn, a famous professional network, purchased it.

  • All certificates the students get on LinkedIn learning are available in the personal profile.
  • It seems a good choice for the individuals who are looking for a new job.
  • Premium access to LinkedIn functional together with the online courses make the perfect combo for the applicant. Now online learning is a part of the LinkedIn Premium package. You can buy the access for $30 per month or cheaper with the annual subscription.


Languages taught: Python, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript

Udemy is another great educational platform with collections of different courses. It ranks as one of the largest resource platforms for coding.

  • There is never a shortage of courses as any expert can develop a personal learning course, submit it to Udemy and sell via this platform.
  • There is a risk you can buy a poor course, which passed the moderation accidentally. However, the courses for beginners, such as “Beginning C++ Programming — From Beginner to Beyond,” are usually good because they do not require entry level expertise.
  • They offer clear and understandable lessons and lectures.

Anyone can upload a course on Udemy hence the need to research and read reviews.

Some of the courses on the platform are available for free as a special option, but usually the price starts from $9.99 per course.


Languages taught: Python, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript

Packt is an online library for professional developers.

  • If you check the catalog, you will find thousands of videos, books, and eBooks on varying topics, including programming. 8 The platform does not offer online exercise, so the practice stays on the side of a user. So, PackT is the best choice for those who prefer old-school learning by books and lectures.
  • Every day they open a random book for free for 24 hours. PackT offers a free trial, and the subscription starts at $9.99 a month.


The world has gone digital, and everyone is moving with it. Studying online is not only possible but also more preferable among many people and Computer Programming is the area you could easily get proficiency in, without leaving your house! Many online classrooms are brought to us, making online learning reliable and time-efficient. With a wide choice of online studying materials, you can find the courses that offer exactly what you need and achieve the best results.

First published on GitConnected.

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