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Supercharge Your Workflow with These Top Tools


Hello, everyone! 👋🏻 Today I'm going to share with you some of the tools that I frequently use and that everyone, especially a developer should be aware of. This post discusses tools for research, content creation/editing, and much more!

1 Perplexity: The best AI Research Tool

Perplexity AI is a powerful tool for improving content creation, research, and knowledge discovery. It is optimized in producing high-quality content for a variety of industries, including bloggers, professionals, and academics. It includes features such as accurate , source citation, a user-friendly interface, and context awareness. Perplexity AI uses advanced NLP and machine learning technologies to provide precise answers . What makes it stand out from other tools in this category is its feature that enables to upload 3 documents / day and use the pro search feature 5 times / 4hr which makes it more engaging and helpful for a wide range of use cases.

2 Copy AI: Best AI tool for marketing and SEO is a tool that excels in content generation, offering a wide range of benefits to content creators, marketers, and businesses. It includes marketing content generation, product descriptions, blog post ideas, SEO titles, and meta descriptions. It is particularly useful for content marketers, e-commerce businesses, bloggers, and individuals. It helps users generate engaging, SEO-optimized content. It also comes with a sleek UI and has a prebuilt templates library to get you started. This AI comes loaded with a ton of incredible features which will definitely help you.

3 QuillBot: Best AI Tool for content paraphrasing, AI content detection and plagiarism checker

QuillBot is a writing platform that provides a variety of features to help you improve your written text. It can paraphrase, summarise, check grammar and plagiarism, translate, outline, and generate citations. Some of its best features include detecting AI generate content, rephrasing text, summarizing long text and generating citations. And its "QuillBot Flow" feature is a icing on the cake as it integrates all of its tool into one place and works like an online word processor.

4 : The goto tool for removing backgrounds from images in a single click is an online tool which helps users to quickly remove a background from an image and offers a high precision and doing so, producing ultra-sharp transparent images. It uses AI to detect the background and the subject. Additionally, you can also use its brush tool to manually select the areas to remove/restore. The thing I like the most about it is its speed, accuracy and the ability to directly paste images from clipboard and cut the time wastage.

5 AdGuard: The master of ad blockers

We all are annoyed of those distracting ads we regularly see on various websites, right? This is where adguard comes in! AdGuard is an chrome extension and mobile/pc app which totally blocks all of those annoying ads you see on various websites and thus reduces your carbon footprints. It blocks all the trackers and suspicious websites. It comes with a lot of pre-loaded features which let you control you privacy. It sometimes stops youtube ads too! So, give it a try!

6 Beeper: All of your social media platforms in one inbox!

Beeper is a mobile/pc app which integrates 14 different social media networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Google Chat, SMS and provides a single inbox for them which is well organized. You can easily distinguish between the dms from various sources just by looking at the icons. It allows you to send messages directly from the app to the respective platform. Overall, it makes it easier for users to manage their social profiles. You can self host it too!


freeCodeCamp is a non profit organization which offers a wide array of free tutorials and courses on a huge list of topics. It also offers free certification and exercises to practice your coding skills! Apart from this, they have a YouTube channel too on which they post all sort of courses and tutorials related to coding and I.T! Its a great resource for beginners to start with.

8 Pinterest

Yes! Pinterest. Surprised?

Not only is Pinterest a useful resource for online tutorials, ideas, and inspiration, but it also functions as a search engine and can drastically boost website traffic! You can make pins with appropriate titles and descriptions for your updates, linking them to your website. Your pin may appear when a user searches for a specific term on Pinterest or Google if you follow to the appropriate SEO guidelines. This gives the "winning edge" for your website or product.

9 Fotor: The best AI image editing suite

Fotor Fotor is an AI based Image editing web service which allows you to precisely perform all sorts of operations on images. On the other hand if you want to get all the functionalities of photoshop, then Photopea is a must visit site for you, it offers all the image editing tools that you may come across in photoshop, and that too for free!

10 DevDocs is a website which offers documneations for a variety of languages online. It helps you quickly refer to the documentation easily in a well-structured manner

11 Coolors

Coolors is a website that lets you generate color palletes for your website which follow the accessibility guidelines. It lets you choose number of colors you want to generate and lock a specific color and generate combinations with it. Also, it comes with a pallete visualizer which helps you see a demo of what the current color design would look like on some mock websites!

12 Freepik and Pexels

Freepik and Pexels are online platforms that offer a large number of high-quality stock images and assets for a your projects. These platforms provide a diverse range of visuals, such as photographs, illustrations, vectors, and graphics, to meet a variety of creative needs. They are fantastic resources for finding visually appealing and professionally created content for websites, presentations, and social media campaigns.

13 Undesign: The Toolbox

Undesign is a platform which has a curated list of different online resources and tools ranging from a wide variety of uses, such as "Inspiration", "Code Snippets", "PPT templates", "Typography", "Illustrations" and much much more! The list of tools on this website is awesome and covers almost all use cases!


In conclusion, the internet is flooded with useful tools and resources just waiting to be discovered. Using these tools can boost your productivity, creativity, and overall online experience. Continue exploring, and stay tuned for future lists of incredible websites and tools that I'll be sharing with you!

Thank you for reading!
Feel free to comment down your thoughts or ideas! Let's Discuss <3

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