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Spandan Sehgal
Spandan Sehgal

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How can I improve my posts?

Hi everyone!
I hope till now you are enjoying my posts.

Right now, I just want to ask you all that, kindly give me some tips for improving my posts, and how can I provide you all quality content by pointing out my areas of improvement. You can go throug my posts and then let me know how can I progress in this journey. I really need support from all of you in my journey!

Thank you for your support till now.

Take care!
Stay tuned!

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Cesar Aguirre • Edited

Since you ask for it, for your "How I Revamped My Portfolio Website" post:

  1. It'd have been really helpful to see screenshots (before and after, for example). Once readers are in a site, they tend not to leave to another website. (This is true for social media in general)
  2. I'd remove the first h2 tag since it's the same as the title. And I'd remove the "introduction" header since your introduction is one paragraph.

In general, you're using good header structure. People tend to skim. Headers help a lot.

Keep documenting your journey. That's a good strategy. Personally I tend to write from a learners perspective (This is what I learned vs This is what you have to do). Keep it up! You will find your voice.

PS: Be careful with listicles are tricky. Either we write something really interesting or ditch listicles. (Handle with care) This has been an open concern here on

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Spandan Sehgal • Edited

Thank you for your guidance @canro91 , i will surely work on it!

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Sourab Pramanik

Well, I am not an expert in writing articles but I can tell that when you write any piece of your article try to to reflect on it from the perspective of a reader and ask yourself "Have I understood what this is trying to convey here?".

Sometimes we provide too much information for a simple thing that can be overkill, so keep it simple and concise and add reference links if you want readers to know more about it.

Many tools can be used to remove spelling and grammar mistakes so go for them, but make sure you do not change the tone of the article by putting the content into an AI's mouth to rephrase it for you because this takes away your originality and connection.

Keep it simple, short, and meaningful at least for you. Cheers!!

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Spandan Sehgal

Thank you! I will surely follow it! 😃