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AI/ML/Deep Learning in nutshell

Nowadays, its a norm for every vendors to claim that their application services are AI/ML. In fact, you hardly find any one out of this arena. Upon drilling further, their so call "AI/ML" happen to be nothing but some rule-based filtering using if-else conditions.

Let see what is AL/ML and Deep Learning. There is really nothing deep about all these big bombartics terms. Let's break the myths behind all these veils.

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Deep Learning - Basically it is trying mimics what the human being would see, think, react and learn if he was put in the situation. Then program these actions into the machine.

Machine Learning - One step higher to learn from data that is observed and collected. Mid-term memory kind of intelligence. For example after you have being chase by a dog in a street previously, you will try to avoid the street next time.

Artificial Intelligence - This is the big box that incorporates deep learning & machine Learning. It is the ability to imitate human in the environment it has learnt.

People tend to complicate these (to confuse the audience and impress). AI/ML is always asking what will a human do when place in an environment. Ultimate goal is to replace human.

To side track, our eyes send electrical pulses to the our brain. In fact, 1 millions of them per seconds. Pretty what the AL/ML/Deep Learning realm trying to achieve. You can read more about how the eye works with the brain here.

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