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Git jokes, giv em here!

sebbdk profile image Sebastian Vargr ・1 min read

It occurred to me that there is good material in git for jokes.

So I’ve decided to git good and commit to pushing this thread until it becomes the base for my repository of bad puns.

So share with me your stash of unstaged jokes will you?

I promise I won’t be cherry-picky!

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juancarlospaco profile image
Juan Carlos
git tatas

WARNING: You called a Git command named 'tatas', which does not exist.
Continuing in 0.1 seconds, assuming that you meant 'status'.

Tatas are real.

katnel20 profile image
Katie Nelson

Take a look at the Urban Dictionary's definition of the word Git. That should also add some good material.

sebbdk profile image
Sebastian Vargr Author

I believe I heard Linus in an interview actually saying that’s why its called git.

Because it’s like and old angry man. :)

scoopgracie profile image

I'm not trying to be pushy, but they really need to make an option to let a commit automatically appear on origin.

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Sebastian Vargr Author • Edited

In git you have to rebase to stay ahead.

If git is like time travel, and Rick and morty is based on back to the future, then maybe Linus is the Rick of our reality.

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Sebastian Vargr Author • Edited

I haven’t committed to this yet, but here’s a terrible pun.

Old git’s, only P’ in VPN.

Or how about this one.

How do you stop using VPN?
You start using a git patches.