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Top 7 VS Code extensions

The truth is not that they are the best, I was just looking for an eye-catching title.

VS Code for me is one of the best cross-platform text editors, developed with TypeScript, JavaScript and CSS technologies, of course one of its best parts is the large section of extensions that has to improve code development and work productivity, I will tell you about these 7 extensions based on the ones I use most in my day to day coding.

The first of all, and that for me has been very helpful is:

  1. Tabnine - Code: It is one of the best Artificial Intelligence assistants, you code much faster, with less errors and of course improves your productivity, it also supports many languages and is totally free, I highly recommend it!

    image by tabnine code

    In this case it is an extension that will help you to better identify your code, it is about

  2. Bracket Pair Colorizer: It allows you to identify the brackets of your code with matching colors, so that in this way they match and are better identified, with support for different languages and very customizable, although relatively this extension became obsolete in the last update of VS Code, because it comes included in the editor itself:

    bracket image in editor

    By activating this option, it will be ready for you. Let's go right away to the third one

  3. ESLint: it is a code analyzer that allows us to write quality code, that is to say, it will allow you to identify errors in your code, faster and identifiable at sight.

    From the third to the fourth:

  4. Live Server, this extension offers you in a very fast way a live development server, so you can see what you are doing.

    The fifth is a tool that for Spanish speakers, we are very grateful for.

  5. Spanish Languaje Pac for VS Code, it is the pack in Spanish of the editor, although I do not recommend it much, it is better that you learn to handle this tools in English, personally I prefer to have it in English, and the main reason is that the language at world-wide level of the programming is English, so it is better that you relate with this one.

  6. Auto rename Tag and Auto Close Tag: The first one serves you for an automatic tag change in your HTML code and the second one for an automatic tag close in your code.

  7. Git Lens, if you work with git, this is your extension, it will enhance the capabilities of git integrated with VS Code, offering many more very effective features.

Obviously I clarify, that does not mean that these are the only good extensions, but I think that from my side are extensions that can not miss in your VS Code, but I hope you leave them in the comments.

Discussion (4)

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Charlène Bonnardeaux

I’ve all of these too! ;)

sebasttiandaza profile image
Sebastian Daza Author

Excellent, these extensions are very good, and apart from these, what other extensions do you have?

planet_cbx profile image
Charlène Bonnardeaux

I use sometime litterals templates and es6-string-html saves my life ;)

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