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This Week In Work #3

It seems a tradition to say that this was last time:

I've recently been on holiday with my family and had a week-long trip visiting our biggest client, so you had to wait to hear what I've been paid to do this week.

Ready to Launch!

We've been working towards the launch of the project that I'm leading! I've made sure to keep up the documentation and meeting minutes so everyone listening can shout out as early as possible.

Both parties have accepted some shortcomings, and - importantly - backed-up by numbers, so we can launch our MVP quicker. It's great to have a cross-company team that wants to learn and iterate!


It's just as important to keep focussed on the why at the start of a project as it is through to the end. Don't be afraid to let something change before launch, if it is important enough.

Breathing Space

It's been refreshing to wind-down for a few hours by working on a side-project. I'm deliberately using different designs and software patterns to what I'd normally do, in a more hands-on approach to reading books. I tend to appreciate the differences and side-effects more, this way. I hope to share more as the product takes shape, though to some it might be interesting already!


Professional development doesn't have to be academic, like reading thick books or writing proposals or reports. A company that trusts their colleagues won't complain if they are spending a small amount of time building things for themselves - competition clauses apply, of course! It's important to use that time to stretch yourself, as you've got the safety of being able to throw it away without costing your employer too much money.

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