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Discussion on: Avoid the Blue/Green Deployment Blues: Watch out for these 10 Pitfalls

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Sean Killeen Author

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

I actually have a series I'm planning where I speak to several of those issues and talk about how some people are bringing tactical solutions to cultural challenges, and how addressing those at a cultural level is going to go a long way. Stay tuned!

I definitely have thoughts on how to recover, but the question as stated is a little broad. Could you give me an example of what you're thinking of when you say "recover from such a situation"? If so, I'd be glad to dig into it a bit. My guess is this is where leadership, communication, and change management experience become crucial to help get a team back onto the right path.

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Kenichiro Nakamura

Not only Blue/Green misuse situation, I see some bad design or usage of technology in some projects. In that case, we need to "correct" or show "direction" to move forward. And your guess is right :)