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Great article. Luckily I never encounter these issues so far, but I totally know what you mean. When the concept like blue/green, agile, standup meeting or any other things get popular, some people start utilizing or tweaking it which loose the original, important concept and tends to lead the disaster.

I love to hear how to "recover" from such situation though. Do you appeal to high level, or is there any tips and tricks to correct the way?


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

I actually have a series I'm planning where I speak to several of those issues and talk about how some people are bringing tactical solutions to cultural challenges, and how addressing those at a cultural level is going to go a long way. Stay tuned!

I definitely have thoughts on how to recover, but the question as stated is a little broad. Could you give me an example of what you're thinking of when you say "recover from such a situation"? If so, I'd be glad to dig into it a bit. My guess is this is where leadership, communication, and change management experience become crucial to help get a team back onto the right path.


Not only Blue/Green misuse situation, I see some bad design or usage of technology in some projects. In that case, we need to "correct" or show "direction" to move forward. And your guess is right :)

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