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Using a Proper Text Editor

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Using a Proper Text Editor

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Come on over. We need to have a chat. Let's just get a few things out in the open so we can discuss it like adults.

We need to talk about that text editor you might be using.

You should never open or edit a Python file with a program such as Microsoft Word, TextEdit (Mac), LibreOffice, Pages, or any other page layout program. Just say no! It won't work. You will get frustrated. Your code won't run. It won't work. (Did I say that already?) There are pretty much...let's see... zero reasons to open code of any kind in such a program. You are only asking for trouble.[1]
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Yesterday one of my friend asked me what HTML is. I tried to show him some tags using Microsoft Word as he is familiar to it. I wrote a single line containing <h1>Demo</h1> and saved it with html extension. Then I tried to open the file using browser, it was a complete disaster. I just hope he would not fear to learn web designing after seeing the encoded strings as output of a single line!


I'm not gonna lie, I audibly gasped at the thought of editing a Python file in Microsoft Word...


I wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't seen it...several times.


A bit off topic, but I would love to know the theme that u're using on ur website. Neat!