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Create EC2 Instance

Create EC2 Instance

In this post we will learn to create an EC2 Instance.
For full tutorial follow this video

  1. Signup/Login to the console. Follow this link

  2. On the search bar search ec2 and click on the 1st option or url with text ec2 i.e ec2

  3. Click on the red colored rectangle mentioned below

    Instance Creation

  4. Click on the Launch Instance

  1. Fill the details
  2. Name -> any name of the instance of your wish.

    Name of instance

  • OS Image -> the OS you want for your remote server.

OS Image

  • Instance type -> This include the combinations of cpu, storage, memeory, networking capacity.
    • You choose as per your requiremtns.
    • recommended: t2.micro as this is included in free tire

Instance Type

  • Key Pair login

    • This will be used for you to login in your aws instance
    • Create new one or choose existing
    • Creating new key pair
    • User existing one
  • Leave rest as it is.

6) Click on the Launch Instance.

7) After all this, Click on on the Successfully initiated launch of instance i-xXXxXXxx
- i-xXXxXXxx -> your instance ID. Every instance will have its own ID

Click on instance id

8) Probably your screen should be like this


9) Click on the Instance ID

Instance ID

10) Copy the Public Ip Address

Ip Address

10) Open your favourate terminal
- Goto the path where the key pair file was downloaded.
- use command chmod 400 filename.pem, as like this.
- If you are interested behind the scene of chmod 400 follow this.

  1. Type the commad
ssh -i /path/of/key/downloaded ubuntu@public.ip.address

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  • Click yes and enjoy

Final Output

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