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Scientific Programming School for Scientific Programming School

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Scientific Programming School - Special Offer!

Scientific Programming School $12 Course Bundle Offer

A course bundle purchase will enable you enrol to all the currently 🔥 bundled-courses at just one price. Anything published after the bundle is purchased won't be included, but you may re-purchase the new courses/ bundle anytime. If you are not happy, we'll offer you 100% refund!

The courses are designed for Computer Science or any STEM discipline students to help guide them with the aspects of scientific programming such as data structures, algorithms, methods/functions, exception handling, functional programming, object-oriented programming, regular expressions, variables and operators, conditional statements and loops, arrays, classes and objects, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance, abstract classes and Interfaces, anonymous and Inner Classes, parallel programming, HPC, threads, CUDA and so on.

Run Scientific Code Interactively!

We created a small private virtual cluster with Docker technology to support our courses. The platform is powered by Digital Ocean's multiple droplets (VPS) with a highly scalable design (read our devlogs to learn more).


Why Bundle? Because we believe sharing knowledge is the most wonderful human capability. Sharing your skills and knowledge is a powerful and generous way to give back and change the world for the better!

About the Platform

The Scientific Programming School ( is the next generation platform for creating and delivering interactive courses on high performance computing topics. It is an interactive educational
platform that helps you to learn Linux, Devops, HPC and Scientific programming languages.

We choose platform to promote, because it's got the best of the best readers who will value our attempt to spread the knowledge of scientific programming!

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