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Scientific Programming School Bootcamp (Coding Videos)

Introducing the Scientific Programming School - Bootcamp.

A 100% free, automated video-based learning platform that curates, organises and shows tutorials on advanced programming and Linux computing. It enables you to "like" videos, create your own "playlist" and provides a "watch later" option. Most of all, it gives you a complete distraction free learning experience. Not to mention, no registration or what so ever is required.

Currently, the Bootcamp contains 3000+ videos and is curating thousands of videos each day, pulling together into categories like C/C++, Bash, Perl, Java, JS, Kotlin, Parallel Programming, R, Swift, Matlab and so on. All checked for quality and easiness to digest.

How good is that?
Scientific Programming School Bootcamp

As a minor reward, please don’t forget to Subscribe our new YouTube channel if you want more weekly updates on Linux, Devops, HPC and Advanced coding. We create advanced code videos and present you a platform ( to run scientific codes/ OS commands as you learn with playgrounds and Interactive shells, inside your browser!

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