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Issues migrating existing Oh My ZShell setup after a Catalina upgrade? I did!

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Previously, I believe I had the newest OS at the time, Mojave. Was prompted to upgrade to Catalina and I am a freelancer with no one to ask permission so of course I upgraded (wouldn't you know Catalina now uses .zshrc instead of .bashrc (: ).

At first nothing worked. Then after hours of R&D (I tried soo many things to even list)... I just deleted Node/NPM and oh my ZShell. I tried a fresh install of both, and then everything seemed to work again (so far...not 100% convinced as my process/solution was so simple but that is usually how it goes anyways in the end...spend hours and hours to find a simple bug fix and/or one liner missing.... #devlife).

So yeah, I wasted an entire day on this wondering if it has to do with my $PATH etc or something else with Node and was going to use this post to ASK how to fix this, but instead it is now for those running into same issue!

So, just delete node/npm (I use homebrew...I suggest you do too for installing system packages/modules, works too consistently) and oh-my-zshell (which has a really cool command ==> uninstall_oh_my_zsh)

*Note: If the above command uninstall_oh_my_zsh is not found/simply does not work, this article may help find another way but if you don't have that command accessible you may have bigger issues.

Reference this link if so

Also, if your node versions are changing around due to this, you will get an error about a "sharp module" per chance and I do not know the technical specifics other than node versions are out of sync and all you need to do is one time before you build the FIRST time (unless node versions change again on system) run npm rebuild and it will get everything in sync and npm run start should work like gold.

First post on here, so please any comments/feedback are encouraged.

Mike Schmerbeck

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